Tigers that escaped after possible tornado recaptured in Georgia

Troop County, Georgia (WRBL) — Two tigers that “temporarily escaped” after a possible tornado in southwest Georgia have been recaptured, Pine Mountain Safaris said Sunday. “Tigers are safe!” Safari wrote on Facebook that the facility was damaged in a severe storm. “Fortunately, no animals or employees were injured. However, several animal enclosures were breached and […]

Georgia Wildlife Park Was Missing Two Tigers After Severe Storms

wildlife park in Matsuyama, In Georgia, parks were damaged as two tigers went missing in the aftermath of Saturday’s severe storm. Troop County Sheriff’s Office announced The tiger was posted “missing” [for] Inside the Wild Animal Safari. We have received a report from Pine Mountain Animal Safaris that a missing tiger has been reported in […]

2 tigers back safe at Georgia safari after briefly escaping during tornado

Georgia officials have captured the toes of two tigers. After a dangerous animal escaped from a local zoo during a tornado on Sunday morning. The Troup County Sheriff’s Office said on social media that the tiger had escaped early Sunday morning and urged residents to stay off roads while the storm continued. Pine Mountain Safaris, […]

Meet the Princeton Tigers not satisfied with Sweet 16

I could play basketball while working on my thesis and found I could play at a level good enough to reach Sweet 16. you are Princeton “We’ve shown the world that we’re not only smart, we’re competitive and we can play against the best,” said Blake Peters. “I think at this point the team has […]

Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera sticking by 2023 retirement plans

Miguel Cabrera is sticking to his plans to fully retire after this season. The 39-year-old Detroit Tigers infielder and one of the greatest hitters in MLB history said late last year that his 21st season would be his last. He endorsed it Friday following a workout at the World Baseball Classic in Venezuela. He also […]