Novak Djokovic shows up wearing bike helmet after getting crushed with bottle

A day after being crushed by a water bottle after a match at the 2024 Italian Open, Novak Djokovic appeared wearing a bicycle helmet. The 36-year-old, wearing a helmet over his white cap, arrived at Fort Italico, signing autographs and smiling as fans cheered him on. “I came prepared today,” said Djokovic, who does not […]

Anti-Israel protesters slammed as being ‘gutless’ for wearing masks to hide identities: ‘Opposite of courage’

anti-israel demonstrators Critics say people hiding their identities through coronavirus masks and other face coverings while wreaking havoc on American college campuses are “gutless” and represent the “opposite of courage.” told FOX News Digital. Cloth coverings have played an important role in American life during the pandemic, as demonstrators across the country use them to […]

Stanford Jewish student snap image of man wearing Hamas headband

An image of a man wearing a headband similar to those worn by Hamas terrorist fighters on the campus of Stanford University has gone viral. The image was taken by two Jewish students who were concerned that the university was not doing enough to police anti-Semitic behavior. The two friends, who asked to remain anonymous […]

Nuggets players spotted wearing flip-flops during warm-ups before Game 4 loss to Lakers

When Denver Nuggets head coach Michael Malone sat down to his postgame press conference for Saturday’s Game 4 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, he probably didn’t expect to talk about flip-flops. But that’s exactly what happened, as several Nuggets players were spotted wearing only flip-flops and socks during pregame warmups. With the Nuggets winning […]

Tony Khan is wearing a neck brace to Jaguars draft war room, because wrestling is real

of jacksonville jaguars They’re heading into the most important draft of the Doug Pederson era.After collapsing midway through and missing the playoffs, then losing Calvin Ridley to a rival. tennessee titans, everyone will need to work together for Jacksonville to make the right pick in the NFL Draft. I’m sure this means everyone from Pederson […]