The White House’s open border policies could cost them the 2024 election

FOX News host Laura Ingraham offers her thoughts on Thursday’s dueling visit to the southern border between President Biden and former President Trump on “The Ingraham Angle.”

Laura Ingraham: Bad, bad poll numbers. Very bad poll numbers. That’s why and the only reason the White House decided to: Finally sending Biden to the border After years of avoiding it like the plague. Now, by visiting there today, on the same day as President Trump’s visit, Biden was hoping to steal President Trump’s thunder. But Texas Governor Greg Abbott corrected the crowd.

Border Patrol union asks Biden to ‘not mention our name’ ahead of Texas visit

Oh, he’s never been better than he is today. Okay, well, Biden of course went to Brownsville, not Tucson or the San Diego area we reported on. But he didn’t go there because he didn’t want that kind of visual and he can’t defend what’s going on. It’s the flow of humanity, and you know, there’s a lot of working-age men lining up, ready to be released into the United States.Now, only a few dozen illegal aliens have passed through the Brownsville area this month. compared to where Trump was.. So who won the border duel?

Joe Biden’s legacy doesn’t stop there American dead killed by illegal aliens, These are migrants who died crossing the border, and children who were abused and trafficked. The next guest tweeted that just yesterday, in Eagle Pass, where Trump was, Texas state troopers had discovered five unaccompanied children who were traveling with 60 illegal aliens. All were adults; the children were between 5 and 11 years old. One person tweeted that there was a torn piece of paper that told them to go to New Town. yoke. The other piece of paper is a list of towns in Texas.

And what about the Biden camp? They want voters to believe that all of this, everything they’ve seen over the past months and years, is the fault of House Republicans and Donald Trump. Good luck selling that storyline, even with the help of the press.


Remember what we have always told you. The Democratic Party’s policy is to keep the borders open. That’s what their donors want. That has been their policy for years. And that’s what Biden will do in his second term. That’s the only time you hear them touch on enforcement issues or pretend they care about enforcement. they are in political trouble, and boy, are they in political trouble. And Biden’s visit today proves that their focus groups and polls are telling the White House the same thing they’re telling the rest of us: Their open borders policy is , which could cost the 2024 election.



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