Trans activists accused of ‘hate crime’ for allegedly tricking Catholic church into hosting funeral for former sex worker

A Catholic organization has accused a group of transgender activists of committing a “hate crime” after they allegedly tricked a New York City cathedral into hosting a funeral for an atheist transgender person. new york post report.

catholic voteThe nonprofit organization last week sent a letter to New York State Attorney General Letitia James asking her to investigate the circumstances surrounding the funeral held at St. Patrick’s Cathedral earlier this month.

The church came under fire for hosting the funeral of 52-year-old transgender activist and former sex worker Cecilia Gentili, Blaze News previously reported. More than 1,000 people attended the service, which featured a performance of “This Day” by actor Billy Porter. Gentili’s family called the activist “Saint Cecilia, the mother of all prostitutes,” and her photo included the words “transvestite” and “prostitute.”

Some attendees used the funeral as an opportunity to advocate for so-called gender-affirming health services. Those in attendance sang “Ave Maria” but changed the lyrics to “Ave Cecilia” and danced down the aisle of the cathedral.

Brian Birch, president of Catholic Vote, wrote: letter Against James, the activists claimed he had “deceptively” gained access to the cathedral in order to “promote ideas and beliefs hostile to the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

“Importantly, both in media reports and in video footage readily available online, the activists have admitted to the cathedral’s management that they withheld all intents and purposes of the rally. ” the letter continued. “The deception used to gain access to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to desecrate it and carry out rituals that mock the Catholic religion demands justice.”

The group said the funeral was an “outrageous desecration” and a “hate crime”.

“We urge you to protect the rights and dignity of Catholic New Yorkers and the tens of thousands of Catholics across this great nation who visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral each year to honor their saints and practice their faith,” the letter concludes. There is.

In a statement after the controversial funeral, the Rev. Enrique Salvo said, “The cathedral is only aware that family and friends have requested a Catholic funeral Mass, and our welcome and prayers are with you on this occasion.” I never expected to be degraded by such a blasphemous and deceitful act.” No matter what,” he added.

Event organizer Seyen Dorosho previously said: new york times She said Gentili intentionally did not inform the church that he was a man who identified as a woman and “kept it a secret.”

Gentili’s family demanded an apology from the archdiocese for shortening the service, claiming it did not deceive the cathedral into holding the gathering, Blaze News previously reported. The funeral ended an hour early after the priests decided to cancel Mass, a decision supported by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the archbishop of New York.

Gays and lesbians in the transgender community also claimed it was “simply untrue” that church leaders were manipulated into hosting the service.

“Funeral organizers advised Cathedral staff to research Cecilia Gentili, her work, and the community she served. Funeral organizers have a responsibility to proactively disclose their loved one’s gender identity. “Inflicting this burden on mourners places a burden on mourners that should be expected of non-transgender people,” the group said.

Birch said the controversy surrounding the event was about the disrespectful behavior of those in attendance, not that the church held a funeral for a transgender individual.

“It’s clear that they chose St. Patrick’s Church here not because it’s big and beautiful and on Fifth Avenue, but because of the church’s stance on human sexuality.” Birch told the Post. “If they had held the funeral without the blasphemous circus, no one would have said anything.”

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