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Trump Campaign Mocks ‘Cheap Fakes’ with Meme Gone Viral 

The Trump campaign on Wednesday took it upon itself to adopt the term “cheap fake” from the White House as a way of publicly defining President Joe Biden’s dysfunction.

This isn’t the first time the Trump campaign has used White House public relations jargon to its advantage. The so-called “Bidenomics” that the White House coined to define Biden’s economic policies is now largely unused by Biden. Republicans have essentially appropriated the term to highlight Biden’s economic failures after costs across the board rose by about 20% under Biden.

On Wednesday, the Trump campaign appeared to work the same magic with “cheap fakes,” a term the White House coined to counter a video released last week showing Biden in public. The Biden campaign has also reportedly created a special task force to reduce the impact of the video.

In a video released on Sunday, former President Barack Obama guide Biden walked off the stage at the fundraiser, and another video appeared to show him leaving the G7 group of Europeans and walking towards parachutes in front of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. Rotated They brought him back to the group of world leaders watching the skydiving show. Third video Indicated While Vice President Kamala Harris and friends danced at the Juneteenth event, Biden stood awkwardly with a hollow smile on his face.

“Cheap fake (noun)” Trump campaign meme read“Video about Joe Biden’s cognitive decline that the Biden administration doesn’t want the public to see”

The Trump campaign poked fun at the term “cheap fake” in “Palm Beach Playbook.”

There is a reason why Biden staffers panicked and posted 60+ unedited and unaltered videos of Joe Biden. Biden’s apparent weaknesses are not “cheap fakes.” The propaganda spread by Biden’s White House and mainstream media mouthpieces does not change reality. Biden’s weaknesses are obvious to all.

  • The American people are watching.
  • Lawmakers are watching that.
  • Democratic Party officials know this.
  • The Department of Justice knows this.
  • Other countries are also seeing this.
  • Our enemies see it.

Indeed, Biden’s own staff sees it too, from planning events to providing pre-approved lists of reporters to changing the shoes they’re wearing, to corralling them to and from Marine One and forcing them to use the shorter staircase.

The meme went viral on social media, with the Trump War Room X account posting the message: Repost It has been viewed 1,800 times and has garnered a lot of attention with several other accounts also sharing the meme on social media.

“The corporate media thinks the American people are stupid,” Donald Trump Jr. share Meme.

“Yup, I love this new word Kareem John Pierre coined,” one X user said. Repost Meme.

“The left distorts the facts,” says another X user. Posts“They can’t accept the truth. They work in the con man camp.”

The video of Biden malfunctioning in public is authentic, Trump campaign spokesman Steven Chang told Breitbart News on Tuesday.

“The truth is painful,” Chang said. “When confronted with that cold, hard reality, the Biden campaign makes the ridiculous claim that anyone who clearly sees Biden behaving like a brain-dead idiot is part of an entire media conspiracy.”

Wendell Fsebo is a political reporter for Breitbart News and a former Republican War Room analyst. The Politics of Slave MoralityFollow Wendell “Bat” @WendellHusebø or The truth of society @WendellHusebo.