Trump Is the ‘MouthPiece’ for the Christian Nationalist Movement

Film director Rob Reiner said Monday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that former President Donald Trump was a “spokesperson” for the Christian nationalist movement.

“They’re not right-wing, they’re not left-wing, they’re nothing but Donald Trump,” Reiner said.

He added: “There are very conservative Christian evangelicals, pastors, very respected people in the Christian community who are afraid of this movement of Christian nationalism. They think it’s democratic. They fear not only harming their principles, but also Christianity itself. And it shows in the film that this movement was the basis of January 6th. , was the inspirational element that sparked the riot. Now we have a Speaker of the House who is an avowed Christian nationalist.”

“Donald Trump is very happy to be here as a spokesperson. We understand this connection,” Reiner said.

He added, “We could very easily fall into a dictatorship. You hear this all the time on your show and on many other shows, but right now, if we remain a democracy or a theocracy… That’s what this movement wants. They believe this is a white Christian country. That’s the way it should be. And that’s what we want. That’s what we make clear in the movie. And not only are they poisoning democracy, they’re poisoning Christianity.”

Reiner said, “This is not a religious movement. This is a political movement aimed at pure power. I am afraid that I will.”

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