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Trump lawyer Habba calls reports he’s falling asleep in court ‘unlikely’

Alina Haba, a lawyer and spokeswoman for former President Trump, said in an interview Tuesday that it was “possible” that Trump fell asleep in court during the first two days of jury selection in his hush money case in Manhattan. Not likely.” .

“If anything, I think he’s just really bored,” Haba told Fox News’ Martha McCallum when asked about the report. “I mean, it hurts. They sit him there by jury selection. The first day was procedural.”

“But no, I’ve heard that report. It’s unlikely,” Haba continued. “I know him. I’ve sat through trial after trial with him. That would never happen. So President Trump is incredibly focused.”

The first of Trump’s four criminal trials began on Monday, with jury selection taking place in a Manhattan courtroom.

President Trump was charged with 34 counts of falsifying business records related to reimbursing then-fixer Michael Cohen for paying adult film star Stormy Daniels $130,000 before the 2016 election. has been charged with a crime. The payment was to keep her quiet about her allegations that President Trump had an affair with her in 2006.

Mr. Trump would have to attend the trial, including jury selection, which could be a cumbersome process. On Monday, President Trump appeared to close his eyes and nod at times. He also said that he would sometimes lean back in his chair motionless with his arms crossed for significant periods of time, but there was disagreement among reporters as to whether the former president was actually asleep. .

At one point on Tuesday, President Trump closed his eyes for several minutes.

In response, Democrats have attacked President Biden, his opponent in the 2024 presidential election, because of his age, slamming the former president for even giving him the nickname “Sleepy Joe.”

Kate Bedingfield, a former communications director under President Biden, wrote “Sleepy Don” in response to the report.

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