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Trump’s penalty could cause NY biz exodus to FL, as New York State becomes ‘legal banana republic’: experts

legal expert What they call a “breathtaking” civil fine against former President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, former Trump Organization auditor Jeffrey McConney, and former chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg. analyzed the matter and warned that other companies based in the Empire State may suddenly find themselves potentially subject to penalties as well. It was forced out of business by the state on a political whim.

New York State Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron holds Trump liable for more than $350 million in damages in a fraud lawsuit brought against him and his companies by New York Democratic District Attorney Letitia James. It was certified as.

Trump Sr., the Trump Revocable Trust, and the Trump Organization were found to be liable for $60 million, and Trump’s sons and Weisselberg were each found to be liable for $4.01 million. In addition to Trump Sr., several other entities were also found liable, including the Trump Organization and an LLC representing President Trump’s Chicago hotel. Banned from applying for loans to institutions registered in New York for three years.

Three members of the Trump family were also barred from serving as directors of New York-based companies or corporations for a similar period. This is important because the Trump Organization is based in the iconic tower at Fifth Avenue and West 57th Street.

In this regard, former President Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer told Fox News that the ban could prompt President Trump to move his entire business empire to his very home state of Florida. He said it was sexual.

“If you are Eric [or] Donald Jr., what are you going to do? he asked.

”[Y]You just say goodbye to New York. This fits the pattern of many successful people leaving New York because it’s too political, too blue, and too punitive. We see it in the business world and among high-income groups. New Yorkers are already doing that,” he said, adding that the state’s crime wave has highlighted the problem.

Jonathan Turley, a law professor at George Washington University, further commented on Fox News that Engoron appears to be increasing the maximum fines in most of the areas in which he was tried, stating that the proverbial crime is essentially a victim-based crime. He pointed out that New York’s civil law in this area is unique because there may be no legal person.

”[It’s] It’s weird because no one actually has to lose money.So James was able to come here with this. [fraud] And she kept going up.

Turley said the public and other legal officials might actually take notice of the fines in the Trump world, saying, “When you’re imposing fines that exceed the budgets of some countries, your own thoughts run away. We really have to think about whether it’s true or not.” , it’s your decision. ”

Fleischer said New York’s judicial system has become quasi-political over the past few decades, with liberals and Democrats in the highest positions of power.

A young Donald Trump stands outside the Trump Organization’s headquarters, his namesake 5 Av Tower. (Getty)

Mr. Engoron’s New York county, which includes Manhattan Island and Marble Hill, has voted 85% to 15% Democratic in presidential elections on average since his former boss, Mr. Bush, was first elected in 2000. he pointed out.

New York hasn’t awarded its electoral votes to a Republican since President Ronald Reagan, and has only effectively sided with a defeated Republican candidate once, when in 1948, when the Thruway was named after Governor Thomas Dewey was defeated by President Harry Truman.

Fleischer argued that Engoron’s ruling was a legal extension of liberal activists’ successful push to strip Trump’s name from buildings in New York City.

Officials are also at loggerheads over land that Trump donated to New York state for parkland. To commemorate the 2006 donation, 436 acres of land in Westchester County was named “Donald J. Trump State Park” and a large sign was placed on the nearby Taconic Parkway.

In his seventh attempt to strip Trump’s name from the park, state Sen. Brad Hoylman, D-Greenwich Village, introduced a bill to do so last year, WCBS reported.

Residents of the then-Reichstag skyscraper. Jerry Nadler, D.N.Y. The district voted to strip Trump’s name from their complex in 2016, but Trump later refused to accept Trump’s name after his then-attorney general launched a Russia probe. At that time, he criticized Mr.

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“There’s very little pressure on politicians here[in New York]to stop it because it’s wrong,” Fleischer added.

“So, unless New York State’s appellate process helps, New York will become a legal banana republic.”

Turley told “The Story” that it is very likely that Trump will appeal the decision, and that an appellate court, higher than New York’s district court, will decide whether the former president is subject to selective prosecution. He said it was necessary to determine whether this had happened.

He noted that James’ campaign promises include plans to “inflict real pain.” [Trump’s] a–. ”

“Obviously, James made this pledge that he was going to bag Donald Trump. And this is an overall campaign that seems to be an effort towards ‘exposing death’ on both the civil and criminal sides.” It’s part of.”