Under Armour trolls MLB’s ridiculed see-through pants

Amid MLB’s uniform controversy, with players around the league complaining about Nike’s design and Fanatics manufacturing, Under Armor has issued a not-so-friendly reminder that it’s largely responsible for the uniforms. went.

Under Armor posted a photo of a player wearing baseball shorts on its She posted it with the caption, “I’m going to do it.”

There have been complaints since the start of spring training, but the noise has gotten louder in recent days as some players appeared to have trouble with their pants during media day photo shoots.

Among the issues was Giants infielder Casey Schmidt’s crotch visible through his pants as he posed for a team photo earlier this week wearing his new uniform.

MLB released a statement Friday clarifying the uniforms.

“The uniform pants are the same material and thickness as the uniform pants used last season,” the statement read, according to the Wall Street Journal. “The jersey fabric has been changed, not the pants.”

Shohei Ohtani poses at Dodgers photo day. Mark J. Revillas-USA TODAY Sports

Still, some players remain dissatisfied.

“It’s unfortunate that uniforms have become a topic of conversation,” Clark, executive director of the MLB Players Association, said Thursday, according to ESPN. “Every time we have a conversation with them, we learn more about what we’re seeing. A lot of the rhetoric is confirming that the pants are see-through. It’s an ongoing conversation and Every day has produced something new, but it doesn’t seem to be as meaningful as you’d like.”

Among the players who aren’t fans of the new uniforms is Tommy Kahnle.

giants pants
Casey Schmidt’s pants seemed a little too snug.

“Even I didn’t think there was much room for improvement the last few years,” the Yankees right-hander told Greg Joyce of the Post. “But you’ll definitely notice this year that the fabrics are a little bit tighter than they’ve been in the past. I think the consensus is that they’re not very great. …A lot of people don’t like them very much. I know there isn’t.”

And now, Under Armor is taking on the challenge.

In 2016, Under Armor announced a 10-year contract with the MLB league, scheduled to begin in 2020, and the company had been scheduled to manufacture MLB uniforms for nearly a decade.

However, the company opted not to sign a deal and save $50 million in 2018, allowing Nike to take over.



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