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We escaped the rat race and now live mortgage free — here’s how we did it

The Australian family has spent the past five years travelling around the country relying on income from an investment property.

Amy and Jack Bell, aged 30 and 31 respectively, and their three children from the Gold Coast, have been living this lifestyle for the past five years, outside the rat race that many of the country now find themselves in.

The Bells don’t have steady jobs or a mortgage, relying on cash from renters on their investment property to cover living expenses and doing odd jobs to keep their bank account tucked away.

“We’re working and travelling so we’re taking up job opportunities all over Australia,” Ms Bell said, according to 7 News.

Amy and Jack Bell live with their three children in a rented house. Instagram/_the_bell_family

“No longer do Jack need to stay separately for work, we can all travel together in the caravan and there’s no mortgage to pay – this new way of living has opened up incredible possibilities for our family.”

The couple travelled more than 150,000km across Australia in their caravan, visiting every state and circumnavigating the country.

Their three young children, ages 7, 5 and 3, stayed with them the whole time.

The Bells share their nomadic lifestyle with their 74,000 followers on Instagram.

But it wasn’t always this way for the Bells.

After years of struggling at work, they made the drastic decision to leave it all behind and live a nomadic life.

“We’ve paid off a mortgage since we were 18, completely renovated our house, worked full time, got married and raised two children. After so many years of hard work, it was time to enjoy some quality family time,” Bell said.

So they sold their primary residence, began living on the road, and haven’t looked back since.

They own an investment property in Brisbane and said that was their “back-up plan”.

To make their new lifestyle more comfortable, the Bells invested in better cars.

They own a caravan, as well as Izuzu’s truck and boat, which are packed with equipment needed for Jack’s job as a shop fitter.

The Bell family caravan.
The family travels around Australia in a caravan. Instagram/_the_bell_family

“We also upgraded our caravan to a spacious 23ft Lotus which is a dream for off-road adventures,” Ms Bell said.

“Downsizing to a caravan has changed our outlook on life.

“It made me realise how little I actually need and when I finally settle down I plan on opting for a smaller property that requires less cleaning and maintenance.”