We Passed an Increase in Border Agents and Detention Beds that Schumer Still Won’t Move

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox Business Network’s “Bottom Line,” Rep. Michael Guest (R-Mississippi) spoke out against Democrats’ claims that defeating the Senate bill would force a DHS budget shortfall, saying that House spending The bill pointed out that: increased the number of border patrol agents Meanwhile, previous budget requests from the Biden administration called for fewer detention beds.

According to the guest, [relevant remarks begin around 2:05] “The crisis on the southern border was caused by the fact that Secretary Mayorkas has refused to enforce the law. It’s very ironic that they’re saying they have to close detention beds because they haven’t been able to do that. Take the spending bill that provides . We funded 41,500 detention beds. Mayorkas only asked for 25,000 people..We funded a record number of custom[s] and border patrol agents.So it’s very ironic that the Democrats want to bring in the Republicans and the Republicans. [say] Even though they have been introducing a bill in the Senate for months and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) has refused to introduce it, we are to blame for the lack of funding. , they will end up making the crisis they caused even worse.”

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