World leaders condemn Iran’s missile and drone attacks launched at Israel

Leaders from around the world condemned Iran’s drone and missile attacks on Israel and appealed for peace in the Middle East.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said he condemned Iran’s “reckless” attack on Israel.

“I condemn in the strongest terms the Iranian regime’s reckless attack on Israel,” Sunak said in a statement. “Iran has once again shown that it intends to cause chaos in its own backyard.”

“The UK continues to protect the security of Israel and all our regional partners, including Jordan and Iraq,” he added. “Together with our allies, we are working urgently to stabilize the situation and prevent further escalation.”

“No one wants to see more bloodshed,” Sunak said.

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British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak visits the Manufacturing Technology Center’s apprentice training center in Coventry, England. Sunak released a statement Saturday night condemning Iran’s attack on Israel. (Karl Lesseen/Pool via AP)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined British leaders in saying Canada “unequivocally condemns” the Iranian attack.

“Canada unequivocally condemns Iran’s airborne attack on Israel. We stand with Israel.” “The Iranian regime’s recent actions after supporting Hamas’s brutal attack on October 7 will further destabilize the region and make durable peace even more difficult.”

Justin Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks during a press conference at the College of Carpentry and Allied Trades Training Center in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, Friday, April 12, 2024. On Saturday night, Prime Minister Trudeau issued a statement condemning Iran’s attack on Israel. (Aaryn McAdory/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

“These attacks demonstrate once again the Iranian regime’s disregard for peace and stability in the region,” Trudeau said. “We support Israel’s right to defend itself and its people from these attacks.”

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Prime Minister Trudeau added that he is receiving regular updates and is closely monitoring the situation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena Barbok

Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena Barboc made a statement at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile. Bourbock issued a statement Saturday night condemning Iran’s attack on Israel. (Joerg Carstensen/dpa (Photo by Jörg Carstensen/picture Alliance via Getty Images)

German Foreign Minister Annalena Verbock said an Iranian attack “could throw the entire region into chaos.”

“We strongly condemn the ongoing attacks that have the potential to throw the entire region into chaos,” Burbock said in a translated X post. “Iran and her proxies must stop this immediately. We must take this time to unite our collective strength and head to Israel.”

Israel’s ambassador to the United States, Ambassador Michael Herzog, said Iran “must take responsibility” for the missile and drone attacks.

“Iran has been the most volatile power in the Middle East for decades and is responsible for the escalation in violence that began on October 7 and has been seen in the region since then,” Herzog said on the X-Post. “We have to take responsibility and we have to take responsibility.”

“Israel deeply appreciates the United States’ unwavering support and unwavering commitment to security at this critical time.” “Israel will do anything to protect itself.”

Joe Biden and National Security Advisor

In this handout photo provided by the White House, U.S. President Joe Biden speaks with members of his national security team regarding the unfolding missile attack from Iran to Israel in the White House Situation Room in Washington, DC, on April 13, 2024. I am meeting with (Adam Schultz/The White House via Getty Images)

On Saturday night, President Biden announced that the U.S. military moved aircraft and a ballistic missile defense destroyer into the region last week.

Biden says he will convene G7 meeting to respond to Iran’s ‘brazen’ attack

“Thanks to these deployments and the extraordinary skill of our military personnel, we have helped Israel shoot down nearly all of the drones and missiles that come our way,” Biden said.

“I just spoke with Prime Minister Netanyahu to reaffirm America’s firm commitment to Israel’s security. “We’re sending a clear message to our enemies that we can’t do that and threaten Israel’s security,” Biden said.

joe biden us president

April 13, 2024, US President Joe Biden arrives at the White House in Washington, DC. (Samuel Corum/AFP via Getty Images)

Biden said he would meet with the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom to discuss a “unified diplomatic response.”


“Tomorrow, I will convene the other G7 leaders to coordinate a unified diplomatic response to Iran’s brazen attack.” “My team works with teams across the region, and we are in close contact with Israeli leaders. And while we have not seen any attacks on our troops or facilities today, we remain vigilant against any threats. “We will attack without hesitation and without hesitation.”We will take all necessary actions to protect our people. ”