Youngkin Rips Biden For Border Crisis Following Attempted Breach On Quantico Base

Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin on Wednesday slammed President Joe Biden over the ongoing border crisis on Fox News following an attempted invasion of a Virginia base by two alleged Jordanian nationals.

Yonkin appeared on “The Ingraham Angle” to discuss the attempted invasion of Marine Corps Base Quantico in early May. Two men were arrested by Marines in the incident and then taken into custody by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

While White House officials have remained silent on the issue of the men’s immigration status, Fox News host Laura Ingraham questioned the Virginia governor on the matter, asking if he had received a response after sending a request for information to President Joe Biden. (Related: ICE arrests two people in connection with attempted invasion of US Marine Corps base)

“None. But let’s be clear: Joe Biden literally brought the border crisis to the front gates of Marine Corps Base Quantico,” Youngkin said. “At least what we know from reports is that two illegal Jordanian immigrants were driving a box truck through a secure gate and were fortunately stopped.”

“Well, once again the question arises. There are millions of people in this country illegally, with official tallies at least 2 million fugitives, and probably many more. We don’t know who they are or what their intentions are. Tens of thousands of Chinese nationals have entered this country. Many defense experts believe they are sleeper agents of the Chinese Communist Party. We’d all say, “Well, isn’t this great?” “Diversity, it’s great,” Ingraham responded.

“This is the fourth incident just recently, two in Virginia and two in California where there has been an attempted breach of one of America’s most sensitive and critical defense facilities. This is what we get from Joe Biden, a failed border policy. The result is not only a drug crisis, not only young women being sexually assaulted and murdered, but now we have assaults and breaches at our most secure military facilities. It has failed,” Youngkin said.

“Listen, Laura, at the end of the day, what this proves once again is that the most important topic for Virginians and for Americans is border security. And that’s why we have to elect Donald Trump this November. In fact, he would fix this. Joe Biden could fix it tomorrow with the stroke of a pen. He’s refusing to do that. He’s putting American lives at risk, he’s jeopardizing our national security. This can be fixed with the stroke of a pen, and he’s refusing to do it.”

Reports about the Quantico break-in surfaced in mid-May, stating that two men were attempting to break into the base while driving a box truck. The men reportedly drove the truck up to the base’s main gate and told security guards they were Amazon contractors and intended to make a delivery to the base’s post office.

According to the base’s screening criteria, the men were not qualified and had no affiliation to the base, so they were asked to undergo screening. At that time, an employee noticed that the driver was not listening to instructions and was trying to drive the truck through the detention center. According to local reports, based on multiple sources, one of the men is believed to be a Jordanian foreigner who had crossed the southern US border, and the other is believed to be on the US terrorist watch list, but information about the men has not been confirmed.