All Hell Breaks Loose As Gargantuan Brawl Breaks Out Between A&M-Commerce, Incarnate Word During Postgame Handshakes

Holy hell! Monday night ended with a huge success!

The college basketball game between Texas A&M-Commerce and Incarnate Word was an absolute thriller, with the former winning in style. 76-72 victorybut uh…no one’s talking about it.

The match became completely irrelevant, and a huge brawl broke out during the handshakes between both teams after the match. We’ve seen fights break out in the sports world before, but this one is pretty bad.

The exact reason is unknown, but several fighters from both sides were seen throwing punches. Other players and coaches also got involved to quell the brawl, but the chaos lasted for over a minute as inferno spread throughout the court. (Related article: Pistons’ Isaiah Stewart and Suns’ Drew Eubanks involved in pregame tunnel brawl, police reportedly arrest Stewart)

As the brawl dragged on, multiple players could be seen exchanging balls on the floor. The broadcaster said “young girls” who were originally in the audience were injured in the scuffle, and the manager of one of them was also injured. The team had “blood on their faces”. There has been no official information about the injuries from the university or police.

Late Monday night, Texas A&M-Commerce and Incarnate Word issued a joint statement apologizing “for the conduct exhibited by our respective men’s basketball programs” during the postgame handshake.

“There is no place for such behavior in college sports,” the statement said. ESPN. “The unsportsmanlike conduct that occurred after the game does not reflect the values ​​of the universities involved, the Southland Conference and its member institutions. The safety of our student-athletes, staff and fans is our utmost concern. As such, this issue is currently being considered jointly by the Conference Secretariat and both institutions.”


Oh my gosh, ladies and gentlemen…oh my god. A. It’s night.



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