Audience erupts in applause when Dr. Phil schools ‘The View’ hosts about COVID lockdowns and school children: ‘That’s a fact’

Dr. Phil McGraw educated “The View” hosts on Monday about the harm coronavirus lockdowns have caused to schoolchildren and teens.

while discussing his upcoming bookDr. Phil attributes the advent of smartphones to high levels of “depression” among children and teens, as users “stop living their lives and start watching people live their lives.” , anxiety, loneliness, and suicidal tendencies.”

Dr. Phil explained that these problems have been exacerbated by the coronavirus lockdowns, noting that the same government agency that tracks these problems among America’s youth has announced that they are “taking two years out of school.” It pointed out that it was “the same institution” that had been closed down.

“Who would do that? Who would take away the support system for these kids? Who would take it away and shut it down?” he asked. “By the way, when the government shut it down, they banned mandated reporters from seeing children being abused and sexually abused, and they actually sent children home with no way of seeing their abusers. And the referrals were down by 50-60%.”

Sunny Hostin was the first co-host to step in and defend the lockdown. She was followed closely by Whoopi Goldberg.

“There was also a pandemic going on and they were trying to save their lives,” Hostin told Dr. Phil.

“They were trying to save a child’s life,” Goldberg defended.

“Not in grade school,” Dr. Phil retorted.

Ana Navarro then took a chance on Dr. Phil and asked him a question that prompted a reality check from Dr. Phil.

“Are you saying no school children have died from coronavirus?” Navarro asked.

“What I’m saying is that was the safest group. They were the more vulnerable group,” Dr. Phil responded. “And they have suffered, and will continue to suffer, more from the mismanagement of COVID-19 than from exposure to COVID-19. And that’s not an opinion, it’s a fact.”

The audience gave Dr. Phil a big round of applause for his answer.

Dr. Phil is right.

Young people, especially teenagers and children, had the lowest death rates from COVID-19.

However, this did not stop politicians and bureaucrats from closing schools.Well, almost everyone agrees lockdown policy is responsible for widespread learning lossa deficit for which “experts” have not yet found a solution.

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