Boeing whistleblower says 787 could ‘fall apart’ mid-air under fatigue failure

Boeing whistleblower Sam Salepour has doubled down on his claims that the Boeing 787 Dreamliner needs to be grounded due to widespread safety concerns.

Mr. Salepour, a Boeing engineer, previously made the claims in documents and interviews with the FAA. new york times Cutting corners during the jet’s manufacture could become a serious problem as the plane ages, potentially raising more questions about the company’s manufacturing practices.

“I think this is as serious as anything I’ve ever seen in my life,” Salepour told NBC News in an interview Tuesday. “As far as I’m concerned, the entire fleet around the world is in need of attention.”

Asked what would happen if the 787 suffered a fatigue failure at altitude, Salepour told NBC: “The plane would fall apart at the joints we’re talking about.” He added: “Once it falls apart, it will fall to the ground.”

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A Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft photographed in Everett, Washington. (Boeing/FOX News)

Salepour is scheduled to testify before the Senate Investigations Subcommittee on Wednesday. He will be joined by former Boeing 787 program manager and whistleblower Ed Pearson, as well as other technology experts.

Boeing has consistently disputed Salepour’s claims, telling NBC News, “Thanks to the comprehensive efforts undertaken to ensure the quality and long-term safety of the aircraft, the 787 Dream “We have complete confidence in the liner. These claims about the structural integrity of the 787 are inaccurate.” . ”

Boeing whistleblower raises concerns about 787 Dreamliner safety

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US Capitol Building in Washington DC (Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images/Getty Images)

The FAA previously confirmed to FOX Business that it was investigating the report, but did not provide further details.

“Voluntary reporting without fear of retaliation is an important element of aviation safety, and we strongly encourage everyone in the aviation industry to share information,” the FAA said in a statement. “We thoroughly investigate all reports.”

This is a Boeing product – these days Completely overhauled the leadership team – continues to deal with fallout from a plug-in door that blew off an Alaska Airlines plane in January.

Salepour said in his report that he found quality problems with the way Boeing assembled the fuselage of the 787, the newspaper said. Salepour said it is a combination of several large parts from different manufacturers.


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A sign outside Boeing’s manufacturing facility in Renton, Washington. (David Ryder/Bloomberg via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Mr. Salepour, who worked for Boeing for more than a decade, was transferred to work on another widebody jet, the 777, where he They reportedly noticed a problem with the condition of the aircraft. Attorney Debra S. Katz told the magazine.

Boeing told FOX Business that “claims regarding the 787’s structural integrity are inaccurate” and that “the issues raised are the subject of rigorous engineering.” Inspection under FAA supervision.

“This analysis confirms that these issues do not present a safety concern and that the aircraft will have a multi-decade service life,” Boeing said, adding, “Based on established regulatory procedures, these “We will continue to monitor issues and encourage all employees to speak out. If a problem arises, retaliation is strictly prohibited at Boeing.” ”

FOX Business’ Daniella Genovese contributed to this report.