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FACT CHECK: Facebook Post Falsely Claims Breyer’s Is No Longer Ice Cream, Must Now Legally Be Called ‘Frozen Dessert’

post Share on Facebook They argue that Breyers ice cream is no longer ice cream and must legally be called a “frozen dessert.”

Verdict: False

The allegation is not on Breyer’s website or any of his verified social media accounts, and there is no other evidence to support the claim. Moreover, The Dispatch reported on May 21 that the allegation is false.

Fact check:

In February, Breyers introduced a new lactose-free chocolate ice cream to consumers. Fast CompanyAccording to the media, the new flavor is scheduled to be released nationwide in 48-ounce containers in the same month.

The Facebook post claims that Breyers Ice Cream is no longer ice cream and must legally be called a “frozen dessert.” “Bad news: Breyers, America’s most popular ice cream, is no longer ice cream. It must legally be called a frozen dessert because it is 50% air and contains very little actual milk or cream. The substitute ingredients are, of course, corn syrup, wood cellulose and ethylene glycol, which give it that ‘smoothness’ and are also why it doesn’t melt,” the post reads in part.

This claim is false. Website Not even verified Social media accountHowever, Breyer’s website states: Sustainably Sourced Strawberries, vanillaand dairy Additionally, the company’s website states:Rainforest AllianceThe company holds a “sustainably produced” seal, indicating that its products come from farms or forests that follow sustainable practices. Nowhere on its website do Breyers products list wood cellulose or ethylene glycol as ingredients. (Related: No, CNBC didn’t run a story about Apple removing the clown emoji)

Similarly, Check Your Fact There is no reliable news coverage To back up the claim. In fact, the opposite is true. dispatch On May 21, Breyers reported that the allegations were false because the company makes both ice cream and frozen dairy desserts. A spokesperson for Unilever, Breyers’ parent company, denied the allegations in an email to the outlet.

“Like our ice creams, our frozen dairy desserts are made with fresh milk, cream and sugar but they are not light enough to be called light ice cream and not fat enough to be called ice cream,” the spokesperson said.

“In line with industry standards of identity, we call it a frozen dairy dessert to let consumers know this is a different recipe to our original ice cream. We recognise that some of our fans have different diets and personal needs and we strive to offer a wide range of products to choose from,” they added.

Check Your Fact has reached out to Breyer’s for comment and will update this article if we hear back.