Florida man runs over 11-foot alligator with his truck after seeing it dragging his elderly neighbor into pond

Florida man is being hailed as a hero with his truck run over a crocodile It was about dragging a neighbor into a pond in Collier County.

Walter Rudder said he was driving his truck when he saw his friend and neighbor Rick Fingerette being attacked by an alligator in his Naples neighborhood.

“As I was driving, I saw a man lying on the ground waving his arms. When I stopped the car and got out of the car, I saw a crocodile holding my leg,” Rudder said. said. “It almost dragged him into the pond.”

Rudder said his 67-year-old friend begged him to run over the alligator in hopes of freeing his leg. The plan worked.

The crocodile released the man and returned to the pond.

The recording of the 911 call is obtained From the Naples Daily News. In the recording, Fingerett can be heard saying he has “two big bite marks” on his thighs. A woman at the scene wrapped her shirt around her thighs and turned on her hazard lights as she waited for paramedics to arrive. It took her about 6 minutes to reach the fingerlet.

Mr. Fingeret was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers to be treated for his injuries.he Said He was walking his two Labradors when he was attacked, and the dogs did not leave his side throughout the ordeal.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission had trappers capture and relocate the alligator. They measured it to be 11 feet long.

Fingeret later told WINK-TV that he punched the alligator in the head several times, but the alligator only bit harder.

“What I’m saying is, it’s alarming,” Rudder said simply.

The commission used the incident to remind Floridians that alligator breeding season runs from May to June, and attacks are more likely to occur during this time. They warned residents to stay away from bodies of water, keep pets on leashes and never approach alligators.

upon average, Approximately seven unprovoked alligator attacks on humans occur in Florida each year. Few attacks result in death, and most victims are men.

Details of this alarming incident are as follows:

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