Jesse Watters: The left is protecting migrant reputation over American lives

FOX News host Jesse Watters responded to the outrage over immigration crimes after the murder of Laken Riley.jesse watters prime time. ”

Jesse Waters: there is Immigrant crimes continue to kill Americans, and the president is an accessory to murder. Just this week, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador was arrested on suspicion of murdering an infant. In Louisiana, another illegal immigrant from Honduras was arrested for raping a teenage girl at knifepoint. A Guatemalan immigrant was arrested in Boston on suspicion of sexually assaulting a child. In Virginia, a Venezuelan illegal alien was arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting another child.

‘Lone Star’ director John Sayles claims he urinated on President Trump’s border wall during protest

In New York, a man was stabbed outside a migrant shelter in Central Park, and 11 illegal aliens with criminal records were arrested near the border on charges including child sexual abuse, assault, rape, murder and weapons trafficking.Biden held a press conference crime today. He didn’t mention Laken Riley, immigrant crime or sanctuary cities, and he didn’t mention bail reform or radical prosecutors.

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Now, a girl has died and the left is defending the honor of immigrants, not American lives. … The media is worried about what illegal aliens are worried about, instead of worrying about how to stop Venezuelans from killing us. How do they worry about it?



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