Massachusetts school board members ask for National Guard to be deployed to contain repeated fights at local high school

Brockton High School, located in Brockton, Massachusetts, is the state’s largest public school with over 3,500 students.But the school also has a clear problem with student violence, a problem that has become so severe that four members of the Brockton School Committee sent a letter to their mayor He called for the National Guard to be called in to restore order at the school.

of letter It was sent to Mayor Robert F. Sullivan last Thursday. “Our high schools have seen an alarming increase in incidents related to violence, safety concerns, and substance abuse in recent months,” the letter claims, in part because of the lack of appropriate They claim that they are understaffed.A number of Brockton High School teachers reportedly participated in a public school meeting last month. I broke down crying Regarding the level of school violence.Several stabbing incident It was held at school recently.

The letter alleges that due to staffing shortages, trespassers are often found wandering around school grounds without permission, raising concerns about facility safety in addition to violence issues.

Mayor Sullivan promised to forward the request to Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey (D), but said he would not agree to calling up the National Guard at the school.

Mr. Healy responded to this letter by saying: statement “Our administration is committed to ensuring our schools are safe and supportive environments. … We are aware of the concerns raised regarding Brockton High School,” the school said last Friday. “We are in contact with local authorities.”

The Massachusetts National Guard Effective in 2021 It was established by then-Governor Charlie Baker (R) to address the bus driver shortage caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Massachusetts has recently seen an overall increase in school violence, with a number of incidents going viral on social media, including a lunchtime altercation at Haverhill High School in January 2019. February attracted a lot of attention.



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