Quick-thinking girl, 8, saves baby sister in non-‘scaredy cat’ fashion after thieves steal car with pair still inside

A quick-thinking 8-year-old girl saved herself and her baby sister Sunday morning in Wisconsin when a carjacker stole her father’s car while he was in the back seat.

Charlie and 2-year-old Autumn Jorgenson were waiting for their father to finish buffing up the SUV after a car wash in a south Milwaukee neighborhood when a stranger jumped into the car and pulled it out of the parking lot. It jumped out.

“He was trying to steal our car, and I had to do something,” Charlie recalled. WTMJ.

“I should either kick him or try to protect myself and Autumn. But at that moment, I thought I’d just sit there and do nothing. Stay here and ask questions. But… When I realized that my father had the key, I thought he couldn’t do anything without it.”

After demanding the girls’ keys and realizing they didn’t have them, the stranger yelled at Charlie to get out of the car, but Charlie refused to leave his sister.

That’s when the man abandoned the car about a mile down the road, and the smart 8-year-old jumped on the cellphone his father had left in the front seat and left a frantic voicemail for his mother.

“Mommy,” I hear Charlie cry out through tears. “I need you! We lost our father!”

Autumn seems aware of the danger she and her sister have just experienced, and a voice can be heard in the background saying, “Dada, where did you go?”

Charlie called her mother right after the stranger left the SUV carrying her and her sister. NBC News NOW

Fortunately, father Adam Jorgenson was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher while his wife tracked his iPhone, and his daughters were just minutes away from the car wash. The exact location has been determined.

Police recovered the SUV and reunited the girls with their father at the crime scene.

“I ran out of the back of the police car as fast as I could to hug them,” Jorgenson told the outlet.

The father-of-two said he was only an “arm’s length” away from his car when the gunman attacked him and continued driving.

Charlie and Autumn were waiting for their father to finish buffing his car when a thief attacked them. NBC News NOW

Two men in a purple Buick Encore parked nearby tried to distract Jorgenson by asking for directions while his accomplice got into the SUV.

Both cars sped up and Jorgenson yelled, “There are kids inside.”

“It was scary,” Charlie said. “What is happening?”

“He asked me where the keys were,” she continued.

“I thought it was a good thing my dad had the key. So I told him my dad had the key. Then he told me to get out and I was like, what do I do?” I wondered if I should turn into a scared cat and run away, or if I should save my sister as well, so I said, what are we going to do about Autumn?”

Three men were arrested on suspicion of brazen theft. NBC News NOW

Her father said her decision to “stay still” may have saved her and her sister’s lives.

“I’m really proud of the fact that we’re raising our daughter to be able to grow up fully on her own, to think not only of herself but of others. And I’m really proud of how we’re raising our daughter to be able to grow up on her own, to be able to think about others as well as herself. Is there a best way to do it?” Jorgenson said.

“How can we best resolve this? What should we do? Should we wait and see, or should we take action?”

Police have since three men arrested — a 21-year-old, a 20-year-old and a 17-year-old — in connection with horrific crimes.

The Oak Creek Police Department did not immediately respond to the Post’s request for more information about the charges, but officials said the felony charges were pending.

The carjacking is still under investigation.



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