Student and teacher share heart surgery scars, plus vaccine risks, plague fears and more

“Heart Twins” – Kennedy Vogt, 6, was placed in Carlene Honor’s kindergarten classroom for a very special reason. It was through open heart surgery that the bond between the two deepened. Continue reading…

Ask your doctor – “What causes hiccups? How can I stop them?” the doctor answers. Continue reading…

Is it worth a try? – The largest coronavirus vaccine study in history has linked the shot to a small increase in heart and brain conditions. Continue reading…

woman receiving vaccine

Researchers from New Zealand’s Global Vaccine Data Network analyzed 99 million people who have received coronavirus vaccinations across eight countries. (St. Petersburg)

Ozempic, the medicine of happiness? – The drug semaglutide may have a wide range of benefits beyond weight loss, a new study has found. Continue reading…

Tell me why – These states have the highest rates of long-lasting coronavirus symptoms, a new study finds. Continue reading…

The return of the plague – Here’s what you need to know about a rodent-borne disease recently discovered in Oregon. Continue reading…

squirrel with hands

Since its outbreak 120 years ago, bubonic plague has become endemic in ground squirrels and rodents in rural areas of the southwestern United States. (St. Petersburg)

Home gym essentials – Here are our top 15 picks for building your own fitness space from the comfort of your home. Continue reading…

The crux of the problem – Experts say women over 50 shouldn’t ignore these heart health risk factors. Continue reading…

Gender gap – Mental health experts say ADHD symptoms can make a big difference in diagnosis and treatment in boys compared to girls. Continue reading…

Breaking up between a girl with ADHD and a guy

ADHD is usually first diagnosed in childhood and is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders in children. (St. Petersburg)

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