‘Strange lights’ above Northern California likely space junk

A very strange sight lit up the sky on Friday night. A video shared with FOX 2 in San Francisco shows a parade of “weird lights” slowly making their way across the sky. one video, Shared with KTVU From above Vallejo clearly shows the phenomenon. Posted on twitter.The caption says it was found around 9:30pm […]

Iowa State deals with strange rim issue ahead of horrific March Madness performance

Iowa State could really have been blamed for their 41-point performance in the NCAA Tournament. NCAA issued a statement During the Cyclones’ opening-round game against Pittsburgh, Iowa State University revealed that it asked Greensboro Coliseum building personnel to look at the basket before the game to “make sure the rim is level.” bottom. “We offered […]

ESPN’s Dan Orlovsky shares strange shower habit, gets ripped on Twitter

At least he’s not only remembered for accidentally running out of the end zone in an NFL game. ESPN’s Dan Orlowski tweeted that he uses Answering a question from three-time Ravens Pro Bowler Marlon Humphrey, he used a towel 30 times before throwing it in the laundry. Humphrey tweeted, “I want to take a shower […]

Max Scherzer appreciated strange calls around new MLB rules

port street. Lucy — In any other season, Max Scherzer might have been frustrated by his triple on Friday against Washington in his league against Grapefruit. There were balks, odd calls and paired errors at shortstop from Luis Guerme. But as Scherzer pointed out after the outing, he was grateful for all of it. This […]

Layoffs but low unemployment: What is going on in this strange economy?

(NEXSTAR) – Weekly, big company announcement round of layoffs, thousands of people suddenly lose their jobs. Seeing that happen again and again is expected to increase the pool of unemployed Americans. However, in recent weeks, the number of unemployment claims has actually declined. U.S. applications for unemployment assistance in the week ending Feb. 11 fell […]