‘The Apprentice’ Director Smears Trump as Fascist at Cannes Film Festival Premiere

supervision of apprentice At the film’s world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday, he slandered former President Donald Trump as a fascist.

Immediately after the film’s screening at the festival’s main venue, a visibly excited director Ali Abbasi addressed a crowd of global film elites who enthusiastically praised the film.

“When we made this movie, people said, ‘Why do you want to make a movie about Trump? If you want to say something about the world, tell it in a good way, in a figurative way,'” the director said. said, then added, “There is no great metaphorical way to deal with the rising tide of fascism.”

The audience cheered wildly at his comments.

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Disney and Marvel actor Sebastian Stan plays Trump as a young man trying to make a name for himself in New York and under the influence of Roy Cohn (inheritance (starring Jeremy Strong). The film also depicts Mr. Trump’s relationship with his father (Martin Donovan) and his first wife Ivana (Mrs.borat 2 Actress Maria Bakalova.

apprentice, Journalist Gabriel Sherman is credited as the author, but there is no U.S. distributor yet. The film was not financed by a Hollywood studio, but through various foreign companies and domestic investors.

Iranian-born Ali Abbasi became famous for his movies. border and holy spider. apprentice This is his first American film.

Potential distributors will need to consider some of the film’s incendiary and highly controversial accusations before committing money. The film reportedly includes a scene in which President Trump rapes his wife, Ivana.

apprentice The films are competing for the top prize at Cannes, with the winners expected to be announced on Saturday.

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