Trump lashes out at Fox News anchor for arguing that Biden may not have orchestrated criminal prosecution: ‘HOW STUPID!’

Former President Donald Trump slammed Fox News anchor Shannon Bream for arguing with Trump’s lawyers in a Manhattan courtroom about whether President Joe Biden orchestrated a criminal case against the former president.

“I had no idea Shannon Bream was so ‘naive’,” he said on social media after the exchange.

Bream Opposed The Trump campaign’s case took a turn when Alina Habba said in a Fox News interview on Wednesday that Biden personally ordered a criminal trial over hush money payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels.

“He’s counting on the Shannon Breams of the world.”

The two were discussing the case after a day of jury deliberations ended without a verdict, with some criticizing Acting Judge Juan Merchan for the instructions he gave to the jury.

“Joe Biden, unfortunately, can’t do anything while he’s in office, so he’s forced to use the same tactics as anyone who’s just trying to slip up and make money, and frankly, that’s what we’re seeing right now,” Haba said.

“This is really Biden’s show because he needs to distract the American people,” she added.

“But the Biden administration is not responsible for this trial,” Bream countered.

“How can you say the Biden administration isn’t responsible?” Habba countered.

“This is a state trial,” Bream responded. [Manhattan District Attorney] “Alvin Bragg. Whether or not you think he was politically motivated, that has nothing to do with the Department of Justice. The federal government has dismissed these election charges.”

Haba also cited recordings showing Biden meeting with state officials as evidence the White House was orchestrating a case against Trump.

“My point is the federal government overlooked these cases,” Bream responded.

“Bad day for Shannon!”

Trump slammed Bream in the post. Truthful Socialhis preferred social media platform.

“In an interview with my representative Alina Habba, Shannon insinuated that the villainous Joe Biden is not involved in my show trial. How stupid! Not only is he involved, he is effectively leading this trial, and all others,” he wrote.

“I mean, his minions, because he’s not mentally sharp enough to direct anything!” he continued. “Look at the DOJ, the thugs in the White House and all the rest. Biden is incompetent and thinks weaponization is the only way to win. He’s relying on the Shannon Breams of the world to get there. Bad day for Shannon!”

President Trump has been at odds with Fox News after some of its contributors criticized his campaign and presidency.

The Bream vs. Hubba Controversy You can see on the Fox News YouTube channel.

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