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Trump rips Biden over Columbia ‘disgrace’: ‘All his fault’

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday accused President Biden and his successor of anti-Semitic chaos on campuses across the country, including Columbia University and New York University.

“What’s happening at the university level and at universities like Columbia University and New York University is shameful. And the problem really is with Biden, he sent the wrong signal,” Trump, 77, said. told reporters before entering a Manhattan courtroom for hush money trial proceedings.

“His tone is wrong. His words are wrong. He doesn’t know who he’s supporting and he’s confused,” the 45th president continued. “What’s happening now is shameful and it’s all Biden’s fault.”

Donald Trump becomes the first former president to face a criminal trial. AP

Anti-Israel protests have occupied the Ivy League school since April 17, with the university canceling in-person classes on Monday and announcing on Tuesday that it would move to a hybrid model for the remainder of the spring semester.

On Sunday, Columbia University Rabbi Elie Buechler warned Jewish students to leave the school via WhatsApp, citing “extreme anti-Semitism” and heightened safety concerns.

Police cleared a protest encampment at New York University on Monday night and arrested 133 people, all of whom were released with citations for disorderly conduct.

President Biden is struggling to navigate messy Democratic politics centered around the Israel-Hamas war. AP

Speaking on camera for the first time since the unrest began, Biden tried both sides of the issue.

The president said he “condemns the anti-Semitic protests.” “That’s why I put together a program to deal with it. I also blame those who don’t understand what’s happening to the Palestinians.”

Mr. Biden’s comments are similar to those made by Mr. Trump, who were widely criticized in the wake of the deadly violence surrounding a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017, and are similar to those made by Mr. Trump, who were widely criticized by conservatives. criticized by the faction.

“President Biden says There are good people on both sides of October 7th,” tweeted The Federalist Editor-in-Chief Molly Hemingway.

“While working on the Israeli-Palestinian file, I’ve heard a lot of outrageous moral equivalence. This person takes the cake. This comment is an embarrassment to him,” the former White House said. Middle East Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt said.

“Mr. Biden’s ‘very nice people’ hoax is the whole reason he says he’s running for president. Now he’s actually doing it,” said Sen. Josh Hawley. (R-Missouri) communications director Abigail Jackson said.

Mr. Biden is facing a revolt within his own party over the Israel-Hamas war, with hundreds of thousands of Democratic primary voters viewing themselves as a variant of “irresponsible” and protesting his handling of the crisis.

“Certainly he is not a friend of Israel. And he is not a friend of the Arab world,” Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “He doesn’t know what to do. He wants to find a middle ground, but that often doesn’t work out.”

Police enter a fenced-off area of ​​pro-Palestinian protesters near Columbia University. William Miller
Pro-Palestinian demonstrators gather in an encampment on the lawn of Columbia University. james cavom

President Trump has publicly lamented the Israel-Hamas war and last month urged the Jewish state to “end” its operations in Gaza.

The former president also complained that “we have more police here than I’ve ever seen” because of the ongoing case against him.

“You can’t get close to this courthouse because it’s several blocks away,” he said. “And yet no one stands up at a university where there are very radical people who want to destroy the university.”

The Biden campaign did not respond to requests for comment.