Heartland voters feeling strain of mass migration: ‘Every state is a border state’

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The oft-repeated claim by Republican politicians that “all states are border states” appears to resonate with voters across the country, especially those in states thousands of miles from the U.S. southern border.

“When President Biden took office, every state became a border state and immediately reversed common-sense policies that protect our borders,” Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) said in a statement.

Immigration issues outweighed all other issues Gallup poll In February, many Americans agreed that it was “the most important issue facing this country today.” The number of people who answered so increased by 8 points from January to 28%. The last issue Americans cited as most important was “government,” followed by immigration, inflation, and the economy in general. Concerns about immigration managed to rise, while concerns about government, inflation, and the economy remained relatively stable.

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Gov. Kim Reynolds and Chris Sununu say Iowa and New Hampshire are affected by the border crisis despite being far apart as President Biden comes under fire for allegedly exacerbating the immigration crisis. He said that (Getty Images)

This is the first time this issue has been ranked as the most important since 2019, before President Biden took office and under former President Donald Trump. That was the year President Trump declared a national emergency at the southern border after Congress refused to grant him the funding he requested for a border wall.

“The federal government’s inaction at the border has led to a crisis that directly impacts all 50 states,” New Hampshire Republican Governor Chris Sununu told Fox News Digital in a statement.

Biden also struck a similar legal aid deal, slamming Trump.

In the state, which is more than 3,000 miles from the U.S. southern border, 83% of residents said they believe illegal immigration is a serious problem for the country. According to a March poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire Survey Center (UNHSC), 58% of these residents said the situation was “very serious.”

UNHSC director Andrew Smith said the proportion of people who agree that illegal immigration is a “very serious” problem nationally has remained stable for more than a decade.

Julie Kirchner, executive director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), told FOX News Digital: “Americans are not only seeing complete chaos at the border, but foreigners are literally tearing down barriers and crossing borders. We are seeing how this crisis is affecting all aspects of society.”

At the same time, a March poll found support for border wall construction has surged since 2017, when more than half of New Hampshire residents opposed it. Currently, 52% of the state supports a border wall, while 39% oppose it.

“Every state, including New Hampshire, is experiencing firsthand the economic and emotional toll of the federal government’s failed response,” Sununu said.

south texas border

The southern border is a major entry point for illegal immigrants. (John Moore/Getty Images)

“It’s clear to Iowans and to the American people that the only way we can solve this chaos and crisis at the border is at the polls,” Reynolds said, adding that the broader impact of illegal immigration is clear to Biden. I admitted that there was.

But Democratic strategist Eric Koch rejected the idea that Biden is to blame for rising concerns about immigration. He noted that Senate Republicans and Democrats are negotiating a border package that “President Biden has said he will sign.” The deal ultimately sank as former President Trump voiced opposition and Republican lawmakers followed suit.

“Trump and the Republican Party don’t actually want to solve the problem, and withdrawing from the bipartisan border agreement only confirms that,” Koch added.

“The administration spent months negotiating in good faith to deliver the toughest, fairest, bipartisan border security bill in decades,” the White House press secretary told Fox News Digital in a statement. “We need to make policy reforms and provide additional funding to keep our country safe.” Cross our borders and fix our broken immigration system. ”

The statement accused Republicans of putting “partisan politics over national security” in rejecting the border deal.

“Even without significant action from Congress, DHS is ramping up its enforcement efforts to the maximum extent possible,” the spokesperson said.

A man and a woman stand by the polling station preparing to vote

In South Carolina’s recent Republican presidential primary, 37% of voters listed immigration as the most important issue to them before voting, according to Reuters exit polls. (Sean Rayford/Getty Images)

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In South Carolina’s recent Republican presidential primary, 37% of voters said immigration was the most important issue to them before voting. Reuters exit poll.

States that are also more than 1,000 miles from the southern border ranked second with an economy of 33%.

“The Biden administration’s policies will allow hundreds of thousands of foreign nationals to enter the United States illegally and be transported to their desired locations by federally funded NGOs,” said James Massa, CEO of NumbersUSA. “All states are border states because their policy is to allow them to do so.”

“The reason voters in non-border states are paying so much attention is because of the right-wing media’s obsession with this issue,” argued Democratic strategist Kaivan Shroff, noting that some of the concerns are mobilizing the Republican base. He claimed that this was due to his tactics.

“The irony here is that Biden and the Democrats offered a bipartisan border deal that addressed many of the concerns that Republicans have prioritized, but that deal was undone by Trump,” he said. He added, echoing the views of strategists like the White House. Koch.

As Mr. Massa noted, nongovernmental organizations are involved in transporting illegal immigrants to various locations within the United States, and many of these NGOs also provide shelter and other eligible services to illegal immigrants. It has also received federal reimbursement and an advance payment from the Department of Homeland Security for its services. Immigrants released by DHS.

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Mayorkas at a Congressional hearing

DHS reimburses NGOs for costs related to immigrant protection. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“The border crisis is funded by taxpayers’ money, regardless of state,” he argued.

He also said that after being paroled by DHS, undocumented immigrants are choosing to travel further to the United States and settle in states with “sanctuary policies and welfare programs.”

Some say illegal immigrants are also being deported to areas where Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s administration touts a “sanctuary” policy for illegal immigrants, triggering border concerns. There is.

“Since launching border transportation missions in April 2022, Texas has placed more than 112,000 migrants in self-declared sanctuary cities as the Biden administration leaves thousands of migrants in Texas border towns. and provided much-needed relief to overwhelmed and overwhelmed border communities,” Abbott spokeswoman Renae Eze said.

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Republican strategist Doug Hay said “complaints from Democratic politicians that they can’t handle this crisis on their own” lend some credence to the argument that all states are now effectively border states. He pointed out that there was.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and immigrants on a bus

Abbott began bus transportation for immigrants in 2022. (Brandon Bell/Getty Images, left, John Moore/Getty Images, right)

Leaders in cities like Chicago and New York, among others, are overwhelmed by the influx of illegal immigrants and are appealing to Biden and the White House for help and begging Abbott to cancel the busing program.


“The sheer hypocrisy of these Democratic mayors knows no bounds, as they do everything they can to avoid fulfilling their self-proclaimed sanctuary city promises, while President Biden transports immigrants across the country, often in the middle of the night. While doing so, they remain silent,” he added. Eze.

Iowa Republican strategist David Kochel said: [Democratic] Mayor…it definitely has something to do with buses. ”